We have been stocking peoples dams for years. Trout thrive in farm dams but will not breed they offer many benefits to your dam.

Note- Please call our number on (03) 5968 4711 before coming in for a damstock, as there maybe a wait on weekends, low stocks of fish, etc.

•Improve water quality
•Help control pests
•Provide a source of healthy food
•Provide great sport and entertainment for the family.

Trout are carnivorous and mainly surface feeders, rising to feed on insects and larvae. Most dams will have plenty of natural food, and an average growth rate of half a kilo or more a year can be expected. If your dam is muddy they will still do well but the growth rate may be slower. You can supplement their feed if you wish but this is usually not necessary. Formulated trout food is best which we can supply.

Your dam should be at least two metres deep over about half its area year round. As a rough stocking guide, your dam will carry one fish for each 10,000 litres of water.

The cormorant or shag is the major predator of fish in dams. It is important to provide some shelter for your fish from these birds. Pipes, tyres, pallets, artificial reefs, fallen trees can give excellent cover. Shelter should be put in the shallower parts of the dam.

We can supply a range of different sizes of rainbow trout, and usually some brown trout. The most popular size is the yearlings, about 15 to 20 cms long. Fish this size or larger are not prey to wading birds and have an excellent survival rate.

Make sure there is no chemical contaminant run-off into the dam. Herbicides, pesticides, etc can be devastating to aquatic life.


Trout will flourish in swimming pools over the cooler months - roughly the end of April to November in Southern Victoria. They will help keep the pool clean and provide fun and food.

The pool must be clear of chlorine and other chemicals, and the pool filter should be run for one to two hours a day.

You will need to feed your trout - formulated trout food is best but cat food pellets, worms, insects, etc are also satisfactory. They are mainly top feeders so only feed them while they are actively taking food. Feed them in the same area each day. You can expect a quarter to half a kilo of growth over the winter period, depending on the feeding rate.

As a rough guide your pool will carry about one fish for every metre around the pool. Keep the water level about twenty five centimetres from the top as the trout may try to jump out.

Most people prefer to stock with fish of about 200 to 300 grams, which will give you nice sized fish when it is time to empty them from your pool. 

We have been stocking dams in Southern Victoria for over 30 years and have hundreds of customers. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to discuss your requirements with any of our experienced staff. 

Pictures from our Hatchery, growing the fish from eggs, to fingerlings as pictured.